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Do It

Make A New Year's UnResolution

Echoing Green

Sometimes the best Do is preceded by one word: “Don’t.” Identify one thing you can cut out of your work life to make more room for social impact. For example, you may want to designate one hour a day as email-free. What could you stop doing? Tell us in the comments below.

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  • kristi.ahmad

    I will not let fear stop me from doing things I am passionate about.

  • sabedog

    I could remove a lot of facebook time from my life!

  • SDLocalFood

    I vow to NOT check my email more than once an hour.

  • Kirsten Milliken

    I will not use more than one cloud to gather information to read later.

  • Nicoa Dunne

    I will make coffee at home more often and not purchase Starbucks as frequently - saves money, saves time, saves materials -- increase my time with family, enjoying my home, and increases my cash flow!

  • mikeo316

    I will not get on Reddit anymore?

  • anna.sekou

    I will not watch any episode of any stupid show again

  • adammf

    I will not procrastinate by detouring from my prioritized list.