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Another Teacher Lost to Gun Violence, Let's Flood His Nevada School With Condolence Cards

Liz Dwyer

Award-winning 8th-grade math teacher, Michael Landsberry, a former Marine and a member of the Nevada Air National Guard, was shot and killed by a middle school student wielding a semi-automatic handgun. The heroic teacher, who had taught at Sparks Middle School in Sparks, NV since 2001 reportedly "scrambled to save the students" and lost his life in the process.

Let's let Landsberry's family and school community know that we recognize his sacrifice and their loss. Let's flood Sparks Middle School with cards so that they know we care.

Send a card or note to the school at this address:

Sparks Middle School
2275 18th Street
Sparks, NV 89431

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  • Gisela Hausmann AuthorGisela Hausmann Author

    Bought a beautiful card with ginko leaves. For me personally that was very fitting. 11 years ago I planted a ginko tree in memory of my late husband. In some cultures people plant a tree for beloved passed family members and I think that that is a great way to honor them. In the past I planted a Japanese weeping cherry tree for a far-traveled aunt, who always bemoaned something and a ginko for my late husband, because he was an extraordinary and unusual man. The card to Sparks Middle School is on its way.

  • Gisela Hausmann AuthorGisela Hausmann Author

    Shared on FB and Twitter - My postcard will go out today :) [I was born in Europe and feel very strongly about this topic]

    • Liz DwyerLiz Dwyer

      Thanks so much, Gisela, and thanks for sharing this! Nothing can truly erase the pain they must be feeling, but it's still nice to let them know that we are thinking about them and care.

    • neck82neck82

      Why would giving to Brady help? They don't oppose private ownership of handguns (at least, not in public). Exactly what gun law policy change would you suggest making that would have avoided this? I would really like to know.

    • Hillary NewmanHillary Newman

      Hey Joseph! Hillary here from GOOD's Community Team. Let us know if you start a campaign so we can help get some GOOD Community eyeballs on it. Thanks!

    • Liz DwyerLiz Dwyer

      Hi Joseph, Folks are welcome to do both. If you'd like to set that up as something to do on the site, you should.

  • Liz DwyerLiz Dwyer

    FYI, GOOD Los Angeles office, I'll pick up a card so that we can do this.