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Answer this: What are you thankful for?

Hillary Newman

It's that time of year again!

We have a tradition at my Thanksgiving dinner. Every year -- as we dive into our massive plates of home-cooked, delicious food -- we talk about what we're grateful for. I thought it would be cool to extend the tradition here on

So, what are you thankful for?



  • George KonstaGeorge Konsta

    I'm thankful for being lucky enough to have a family that gave me all kind of 'goods' like love,freedom of thought, education, home, food. For that reason I seek in my life to help people that weren't lucky as me.

  • Donna FaheyDonna Fahey

    I am thankful for this sunny day and the opportunity to hear wonderful news from everyone I talk to. It's so refreshing!

  • Ryan BriscoRyan Brisco

    I'm thankful for the opportunity I have to dream big, pursue my passions and collaborate with like-minded individuals.

  • Ann GuseinovaAnn Guseinova

    I'm thankful for the opportunity to breathe and to see everyday dawn and sunset.

  • Evelyn KimEvelyn Kim

    I'm thankful that I've been able to attend college in New York City for the past four years. I'm grateful that I've been able to embrace the fact that I am meant to pursue a creative career. I'm thankful for my education, for the ability to write and create.

  • Matthew Jordan SmithMatthew Jordan Smith

    I am extremely grateful for the opportunities I've been given to enhance the lives of children all over America. In 2013 I safely traveled to every state in America and photographed 100 children for the Future Presidents project. I am so grateful to all the families who helped in creating this project. I am thankful to wake up every day with possibilities.

  • elisafrancaelisafranca

    I'm forever thankful to my doulas, who helped me prepare and receive my little baby and my reason to be. I'm thankful to my parents, who in their own way help me so much every time I need them.

  • Denise NgDenise Ng

    I am thankful for the vast opportunities out there for me to address my inadequacies.

  • Gwen O'DonnellGwen O'Donnell

    I am thankful for the families & clergy of Newtown, CT -- who have shown me & my partner, Josh, the power of Faith.

  • Ben ÅlvikBen Ålvik

    I'm thankful for my wonderful network of friends. I love them so much and they give me everything I need in return. I like to inform each of them of how grateful I am to have them as a friend on Thanksgiving.

  • Sovanna PouvSovanna Pouv

    I am thankful for my beautiful daughter that was sent from the heavens above to change my life since March 27, 2001.

  • Alessandra AlmannieAlessandra Almannie

    I am thankful for finding my soulmate five years ago. He loves me unconditionally.


    I am thankful for a warm home

    • Hillary NewmanHillary Newman

      Me too! Especially one filled with lots of family and love.

  • Edith HamiltonEdith Hamilton

    There are some many things!! Top of the list are family and friends! And since we live in many different time zone I have to add the Internet and technology because it allows me to stay in contact with them.

  • Jan SimsonJan Simson

    On a meta scale, I'm pretty darn thankful for still being alive and being able to witness life as it happens. On a not-so-meta scale, I'm thankful for being able to create prose, music, art, ideas, and connect with friends and strangers who then become friends. You can't buy the creation of an idea or the start of a friendship. But you can go right ahead and be thankful for it.

  • Jacqui ShumwayJacqui Shumway

    I am grateful for all who have shared their lives with me over this past year by reminding me to always be my personal best, Some taught by being inspirational. Others put a mirror up to my face - with their actions and words - reminding me of how ugly I look and feel when I am less than my best. Mostly, though, I am grateful to the people who forgive my imperfections as I humbly reach to become the best version of myself yet!.

  • Mihir PatelMihir Patel

    I am grateful to be pursuing the journey at Humble Pen. The dreams of these children makes me want to work hard every single day. They have given me a reason to smile. Every day I wake up thinking what can I do to help these children pursue their dreams. So, I launched Humble Pen about couple weeks ago. It would mean the world to our community at Humble Pen if you can support our Indiegogo campaign-

  • Leesa DillmanLeesa Dillman

    I'm grateful to be where I am (the fall in the Caribbean can't be beat), to do what I do (teach English and culture), and to have my health. I'm grateful for my family, my friends, my students, coworkers, teachers, brothers and sisters in faith, neighbors, everyone I connect with. Even the difficult people, I'm grateful for the challenges they present and lessons they teach me. I'm grateful to have a bed, a roof over my head, water & food, and faith that it's all working out the way it should. And I'm grateful for sites like GOOD.IS because I can see there are a lot of really good people doing really good things all over the world. Thanks!

  • Katrina AngeliKatrina Angeli

    Creativity. Yes it's vague, but without it, what would we have? I'm thankful that even if I'm in a stressful situation, I just go outside or the internet and bam! I feel happy and motivated again. Also, it basically covers books, the arts, my friends, and a lot of amazing memories and curiosities. Along with that, I have to say im thankful that there is still some good and faith in the world, keeping society mantained.

  • Jonathan GoldbergJonathan Goldberg

    Childhood memories. They're what I turn to when I need perspective.

  • Kris GiereKris Giere

    I am thankful for my wife. She has been every love story cliche I can think of but won't list for the sake of space.

  • Carrie HadleyCarrie Hadley

    This season I am especially thankful for my parents. I've been struggling with school a lot lately and getting over worked and stressed out. My Mom specifically did everything she could to help me, support me, and get my project finished smoothly. We drove back and forth between my home and college about 4 times. I've never been so thankful to have such supporting parents there for me. Not everyone has that advantage.

  • Andrew MorganAndrew Morgan

    I am thankful for really good fresh air. I breathe it every day so it's easy to forget, but some place have terrible air quality. It's a wonderful feeling knowing I can go outside and not get asthma!

  • Danielle MooneyDanielle Mooney

    I am thankful for freedom!! Freedom to dream big, freedom to travel, freedom to think, freedom to learn, freedom to think that anything is possible...

  • Yasha WallinYasha Wallin

    This holiday season I'm grateful for FaceTime and a strong internet connection. That may sound strange, but I'm living half way across the world from my family, and my one year old nephew is growing faster than I can keep track of. I'm so grateful I still in some way get to be a part of his life with the help of FaceTime and get to see him take his first steps, bang on the wooden toys I brought him last time I was in town, eat his first solid foods. I don't get to physically be there with him and the rest of my family right now, but at least I still feel connected to them and a part of their lives, and that's huge!

  • Andrea MarguttiAndrea Margutti

    I'm thankful for my life. Is it too general? Maybe but that's it! I have a good family, good friends, good job and good health too. It's just up to me to keep all these good things or improve. I got a lot from life, thank!

  • JillieJillie

    Health. Truly. It seems obvious, but without health, we cannot flourish. Without health, we lose the people we love. Without health, we become stagnant. This is one of my motivations for nursing school.

  • Tanner CTanner C

    What a great idea Hillary.

    Lately, as I've begun to experience some frightening health concerns, I find myself immensely grateful and thankful for so much. What health I do have, the ability to connect to nearly anyone anywhere in the world. A great job close to home. Family and friends. The ability to think and follow-through on my ideas. A great book and a cup of coffee or tea.

    Really I guess what I'm thankful for most right now is life itself. To be a part of it as it is.

    • Hillary NewmanHillary Newman

      Hey Tanner! Glad to see you jump into the conversation. Hope all is well on your end.

      I usually find that I'm most grateful for the simple things that sometimes tend to feel normal, like a supportive and loving family, great friends, a cozy home, etc. Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays, because it allows us to celebrate these things. It's not about presents or partying until midnight. It's about spending time with the people we love and giving thanks.

      I hope you have a great holiday!

  • Erica DavisErica Davis

    I am extremely thankful for breath. Breath breathes life into opportunity, no matter how big or how small!

  • George HileyGeorge Hiley

    I am grateful that the world has a lot of awesome people doing a lot of good stuff. I am grateful that we grow ever mindful of the less fortunate people that share our planet. That we continue to see great progress to alleviate the plight that many of our neighbours suffer. That we better understand ours and others' capabilities and limitations.

    I am mega thankful for GOOD and the community! As a bootstrapped startup social enterprise, the support is much needed as we drive forward and build our network. GOOD has had a big impact for us and we are thrilled to be a part of the community. Thank you GOOD, you have been a long term inspiration, so keep on rockin on!

  • IncitED CrowdfundingIncitED Crowdfunding

    I'm thankful for all the people who are working in their corners of the world to make things better. Sometimes they don't know what a difference they make or who's watching and learning from them.

  • Mayer DahanMayer Dahan

    I know this may sound cliche, but I'm thankful for being fortunate enough to be able to give back to my community. We just opened up our non profit organization called The Dream Builders Project, an action based charity that puts help directly in peoples hands. I want to share more, but in the mean time here's a link just to give you a better idea of what we do.

  • Rob GreenfieldRob Greenfield

    I am thankful for the magnificent earth that we all call home and everything on it from the grains of sand and drops of water to the grandest of mountains and greatest expanses of what appears to be nothingness. I am thankful for every human birth and every human death, every word ever spoken, and every step taken. I am thankful for the life of every creature from the bed bugs we hate oh so much to the cutest of puppies, to the wise old whales in the sea. I am thankful for every moment you and I have lived whether the moment be happy sad and every breathe we've taken together. But most importantly today I am thankful for every human and creature that is doing their part to keep the oceans blue, the forests green, the deserts hot, the arctic cold, the rivers flowing, the birds singing, the crickets chirping, the dolphins playing, and the humans smiling.

    • Hillary NewmanHillary Newman

      Wow - sounds like you've got a long list! Have any Thanksgiving plans?

      • Rob GreenfieldRob Greenfield

        Yes, very thankful. No plans, just living. Enjoy every day Hillary!

  • Alessandra RizzottiAlessandra Rizzotti

    I'm grateful for all the members at GOOD who keep our community so vibrant by posting amazing things, and really engaging in conversation. You make our jobs so easy and we love getting to talk to you!

  • Patrick McDonnellPatrick McDonnell

    I am thankful for my friends and family and for all the folks around me who have allowed me to be me, and continue to support all my boisterous projects! I am thankful for the teachers who give their wisdom away with no expectations of return. I will continue to aspire to be as magnanimous as you have been to me and to pay it forward. I am thankful for the men and women who serve our country and fight to uphold our freedom and rights to equality. I am thankful for the Do-GOODers who continue to hope and inspire and open our eyes to new possibilities everyday. I am thankful to everyone who does all they can to push us to be our best and continues support us in our pursuit of happiness!!!

    • Hillary NewmanHillary Newman

      Wow, Patrick. This is beautiful. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. What are your Thanksgiving plans?

      • Patrick McDonnellPatrick McDonnell

        You're welcome! Eatin' turkey with the Dallas fam and watching the Cowboys play! Ahhhhh Thanksgiving! How about you?

        • Hillary NewmanHillary Newman

          Sounds great! My family and a couple of our friends are heading up to Santa Ynez to our ranch to cook, make fires, watch Love Actually, and take a break from the daily grind. Really looking forward to it. Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays.

  • Nicole CardozaNicole Cardoza

    I'm grateful for all those that give to those less fortunate - whether its people, or businesses small and large, they each show that a little can go a long way, and our efforts combined can cause some serious good!