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  • Sutthima Sua-ngamSutthima Sua-ngam

    To be interviewed in media as a simple woman who has created the big impact for non profit organizations.I wish i can help more and more people.

  • mkristellacmkristellac

    start a really cool project around the world

  • Agnese GekaAgnese Geka

    I would travel to more places

      • Agnese GekaAgnese Geka

        Places where no one has been to yet, I am sure 5 years would be enough to find few spots like that

  • Megan MazzoneMegan Mazzone

    Knowing that I had five more years... I might get my affairs in order and spend time with family. I would love to organize huge, memorable family get-togethers so everyone has the same amazing memories to cherish.

    • Hillary NewmanHillary Newman

      I love that. I'm really close to my family and feel so grateful to have them involved in my life.

  • leslietaylorgroverleslietaylorgrover

    I would do more of what I aspire to do now: community organizing, research, and program development. And...I'd probably buckle down and finally write that book I've had in my head since I was 14, LOL.

    • Hillary NewmanHillary Newman

      Very cool. What's your book about?

      • leslietaylorgroverleslietaylorgrover

        It is a twisted dark story about a series of life events as seen by a murderous, but sad woman. Told through a series of letters to her only daughter.

  • Vast ShadowVast Shadow

    Bogus. That really aggravates me... They(ones responsible for that video) are `designed to move to a trash can.

    That website "Designed to move" is stupid, is false... Is a scam. People are actually more healthier today. People, stay looking younger; Stay more active; Stay healthier; Have more understanding of what is bad for the human body. Yet, they assume they can just tell people that... Tomorrow kids are set-up to fail? No.

    Evolution doesn't work that way. People use to only live to 30s, you lived past 30 -- You were considered old. You lived past 50 you were ancient... People do not realize, that its their instinct to survive and to live. It doesn't work the other way around. No matter how advanced technology is -- Living is your subliminal goal.

    Majority of todays parents wants their kids safe... You see on the news about pedophiles and people getting hurt. That is the prime reason kids stay inside. Parents fear outside. I don't blame them though -- People are strange things. An all forbid a kid be exposed to the questionable of things... Still doesn't contribute to any negative way to a child's life span.

    What actually represses progression. Is our public school systems... That keeps a kid in a chair for 8 hours a day -- That teaches them NOTHING. As soon as lunch came around -- I did not want to go sit back down at a table to do some repetitive course of copying things and putting them on paper, in repetitions.

    Think back to what you did in the fourth grade. Try to figure out something you learned back then. You will find its all just gray, few friends you knew... Few things you might have looked at(if any). But learning, NOPE. Schools train kids to sit for 8 hours a day... Why else do you think we have the lowest of school grades.

    An people making up stories about `kids wont live longer... Attempting to blame tech.

    Wake up.

    That video was all cute and dandy... I felt inspired to vomit and punch who ever is running that as a campaign.

  • Lindsay HeislerLindsay Heisler

    I would travel this beautiful blue marble we live on and see all the wonderful things it has to offer!

  • Susan SwaliusSusan Swalius

    Here is my goal for the next 5 yrs at least. I am currently working on purchasing a motorhome and will be heading out on the road to see things I have never had the opp to see. Gods miracles. While in my travels I want to hep rescue orgs transport dogs from point a to point b. and point b being a loving and caring home they may never have known before. So everyone keep your fingers crossed that I find that perfect reliable motorhome. And if you know anyone wanting to get rid of one that would be awesome too. Just kidding. well no maybe not.

    • Hillary NewmanHillary Newman

      Good luck! Sounds like an adventure.

  • Joe PeachJoe Peach

    I certainly hope I have another five years. My goal is to be able to work less in five years time. And I've got an action plan to allow that to happen.

  • EneeliEneeli

    Wow. I'm guilty of this sin of omission. It makes me feel like my time is running out.

  • m mm m

    Wow, very moving video.

    I would travel the world.

      • HarryW.HarryW.

        My goal is to be a writer and work less with more earnings from my business ventures. Also, to be an inspiring public speaker.