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Toni Miranda

Anywhere, USA, EU
September 27, 2013at 8:00 am

This project is the result of our love for food and olive oil. Nine times out of ten times, we add olive oil to our food. The problem is that as much as 50 percent or more of all the olive oil sold commercially in the United States does not pass the stringent testing standards used to qualify the authenticity of real olive oil. As it turns out, many high-volume, non-certified olive oils may contain various blends of rapeseed (canola) oil, soybean oil, flavoring chemicals, and colors that give the illusion of real olive oil - but in reality, these oils are nothing but frauds. We believe this is misleading the customer and we are taking a stand against it! Join us by becoming a D'oro Selections Kickstarter supporter and receive exclusive rewards?

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