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Bike for Your Health and the Health of the Planet

Terri Peaslee

Bike riding is a great alternative to driving or taking public transport. It slows us down, allowing us to take in our surroundings (or community). Biking is amazing for our bodies and our minds. Biking also benefits the environment and economy. Add some years to your life and money to your bank account by biking as a form of transport.

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  • Alessandra Rizzotti

    I love how you broke down the costs of your car vs biking! Really cool to see that you did this with your boyfriend as a challenge. I want to start doing this with my bf as well! I just need to get my bike fixed!

    • Terri Peaslee


      Thank you for your comment. I hope to motivate others to lead a more sustainable life by highlighting the savings to our bank accounts, the ecosystem, and our lives (mostly the last two). Comments like yours motivate me to continue sharing! I hope you get your bike fixed soon!

      ~ Terri