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Buy a piece of the Hurricane Sandy blackout to support local businesses

Justine Cotter

December 12, 2013

A year after Hurricane Sandy left half of Manhattan without power for nearly a week, SoPo Electric is selling remnants of the blackout and giving proceeds directly back to the local businesses they came from at

Fifty darkened light bulbs were collected from local businesses in every affected neighborhood and made into commemorative art pieces. Displayed on bases of salvaged Eastern White Pine handcrafted by a local carpenter, each bulb includes a hand-numbered tag with the name, address and neighborhood of its origin, as well as a brief description of the project's ambition.

The project name, "SoPo Electric," pays homage to the temporary community of SoPo (short for South of Power) which formed in Lower Manhattan during the days following the storm. To purchase a lightbulb or learn more visit

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  • Alessandra Rizzotti

    I love this initiative Justine. Really creative way to engage the community in upcycling/helping local businesses. Are you involved in it? So cool.

    • Justine Cotter

      Thanks, Alessandra! Yes, I'm one of the project's founders. Really appreciate your support!