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Rodney Llaverias

This campaign is raising funds for a short film titled Bent: a call to action to change the putrid ways of humanity. The film is an symbolic visual piece set in a post apocalyptic world where it's inhabitants have begun to backtrack in the steps of evolution returning to monkey like creatures fending for themselves and living with fear, hunger and greed.

Bent is a short story that contextualizes a symbolic state of the world led to by the current situation and society we live in. But Bent isn't your regular post apocalyptic kind of film. We aren't trying to create a story that is overpowered by technological advancements or your cliches of the typical futuristic films. Bent is a film that seeks to make a statement on the current state of humanity and how it affects our future. In this film you will find a world in which the loss of love and apathy has pushed our society to regress mentally, physically and beyond.

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