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Consume Local News

Joshua Neuman

The value of local news sometimes gets usurped by the debate about digital vs. print. That debate is bupkis. Local news is as constituent to a conscious, engaged citizenry as any form of knowledge. Whether it’s from a neighborhood blog or the dewed-over, wrapped-in-plastic town newspaper in your driveway, it gives you the sense of what’s most immediate to you. And in the age of social media, local news can force us to acknowledge the beliefs and values of those in, and outside of, our circles.

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  • Karen GouldKaren Gould

    I found if I move that dew-coated local news paper to my coffee table it actually gets read over coffee in the morning - and if I get through a bit less of my Feedly I don't mind :-)

  • nenaconnenacon

    Radio, TV, electronic press can help even the busiest of us all.

  • Lee GrieveLee Grieve

    I find get a lot of local news through twitter, although it generally focuses around food and design so I probably need to broaden my horizons too.

  • Carol SorensenCarol Sorensen

    I lisyen to local radio. Our newspaper is pretty awful and there arent any bloggers any more covering my aream

  • Covington  AwesomeCovington Awesome

    Good local news is always the best source for how our large world can effect our sometimes small communities.
    Our local news source is Awesome! The River City News at, Chief editor - Micheal Monks is always on top of it... "Like a hero is a Dark Knight, Micheal Monks matched his talents with Covington's needs, he is tenacious and unwavering.... He is EVERYWHERE... The river city News delivers the real story, and the beauty, irony, and humor of Covington." - Index of Awesome 2012

    • Steve SchroederSteve Schroeder

      Local news? Where does one find "local news" the 18 minutes of tripe on the TV or the AP feed which supplies the lions share of content to the last newspaper left in town? I don't think my local paper has a staff reporter left. The same owners of all the news outlets. Love the local idea, just wish it was realistic. Thank you Bill Clinton for approving consolidation and once again for sell the U.S. out