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Take a Staycation

Stef McDonald

Anywhere Close to Home

Next time you plan time off from work, consider a staycation—simply stay close to home and vacation in your own neighborhood. While your first reaction may be that this is less adventurous than a cross-continental journey, consider how much you can discover by exploring the exotic in your own city or being a tourist in your own town. Step out and seek out unfamiliar places, such as restaurants, parks, and museums. Make discoveries and try to find new favorites. Bonus: it can be good for you and the environment as you'll spend less and be responsible for fewer carbon emissions.



  • Annelise MeyerAnnelise Meyer

    This sounds like a good concept... Thanks for the hint :)

  • Meghan NealMeghan Neal

    I just finished a week-long staycation and can say it was the most relaxed I've ever been post-vacay. After a trip you can feel like you need a vacation from your vacation, but this was refreshing. I definitely recommend it.

  • Scott BoggsScott Boggs

    I do this every week for a half-day. I have to, I am a full time caregiver to my ALZ mom...and she can't travel nor be left alone for more than an hour in her bedroom here at the house. I could get a full day off---if I could manage to get her up and ready for Granny Day Center lunch and activity Mondays. But we're always quite late (here near Orlando).