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Meghan Neal

Who doesn't love travel? Ever since our hunter-gatherer days, humans have been on the go. It feeds curiosity. It's fun. It's something to brag about. More importantly, it frees the mind. Our brains and thoughts are limited when we stay in one place, but vastly expand when we explore. It can reshape your perspective— even change your life course. So are you ready? Is your passport expired? Buried in a closet somewhere? Make sure it's up-to-date and handy. And let us know: Where do you want to go?

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  • stella.scandali

    I've had a new passport for two years now and would love to travel, but the expense is prohibitive to me at this time. Two years ago I moved to Athens, Greece with my daughter knowing full well the difficulties faced here due to the crisis. Despite it all, my daughter is thriving happily here getting to know her other culture being Greek-American and we have been lucky to meet other American families here with their children who are thriving just as well keeping active with sports, school, Guides (Greek version of scouts), tutoring etc.

  • Cindy Zalog

    I renewed my passport last year to have it up-to-date and handy. Now I'm doing to Peru right after I finished up my AmeriCorps service term ^_^

  • Tracey Friley

    The Passport Party Project will have gifted 100 underserved girls with their first passports by the end of April 2013. #proud

  • queenofkeegs

    I'm going to Nepal, India this summer for a volunteer trip with GVI. It'll be the first time I leave the USofA, thus, finally getting my passport. I'm pretty pumped. I get to trek to the base camp of Mount Everest and then work with kids. :)

  • stella.scandali

    I have always wanted to go to Easter Island since I first heard about it as a kid. I find the Moai statues fascinating. I would also love to go to rain forests.

  • Lourdes Gutiérrez

    I love to travel! there are so many places to visit. I wish to go to India. My last trip was with one foot. I went to Brussels- Istambul - Cairo - Luxor - Dubai - Abu Dabi - Tel Aviv - Jerusalem - Mykonos - Rome... unfortunately being alone and Peruvian with a plaster sometimes they though I was a drug dealer... that was part of the adventure I had the best trip ever!!

  • Brandon Fuentes

    Also to add, since the Patriot Act came into place you are REQUIRED to have a passport to re-enter your country (U.S. Citizen or not). You can leave the U.S., but you need a passport to come back or be detained, or forced to pay over a $500.00 penalty each time. If it's a requirement, there shouldn't be a fee for the document...

  • Erykah St.Louis

    Sometimes it's a little unbelievable that many people don't have passports; I've one since 16. Kudos to everyone who is adding it to their to-do list!

  • Kara Bartelt

    Need to do this for my kids - (while they are still young and will have a cute passport picture, too!)

  • Alexander Musayev

    Iceland, again. Because it's magical, and there's so much more to see.

  • lang1952

    I'm off to New Zealand in a couple of weeks!! Seeing friends and seeing the sights.

  • Raelee

    I'd really just love to travel outsider the US. Soak up that culture! There's too many places to go! People to meet!

  • Alessandra Rizzotti

    I'd love to go to Japan! Last time I was abroad was in 2007, so I have three years until I have to renew! It's every 10 years for adults and every 5 years for children in the United States.

  • Sasha Tenzin

    Oh man, I really, REALLY want to travel from Spain to Eastern Europe, preferably Croatia (cause I've seen the pictures, it's gorgeous), or into Russia. There's this fabulous mosque (that used to be a Catholic church, that used to be a mosque and so on and so forth as religious battles redefined the territory) in Cordoba that I HAVE to check out. But I want to take the train. I hear it's cheap and a really interesting and not-as-popular route to go. I bet it would be beautiful.

    • Hannah Wasserman

      Yes! That mosque/catholic church is awesome! All of southern Spain is ahhmazing-- my fav is Sevilla. I went from Spain to Italy, then took a "cruise" (aka overnight boat) to Croatia. It was definitely an adventure. I wish I had more time in Croatia, though. So much to see.

  • Emily Medina

    changing my name to my married name coincided with the renewal timing, so i didn't have to pay extra to update name and renew. just a quick 2 in 1

  • Zachary Slobig

    What stamp on your passport are you most proud of? Currently for me, it's Chile. Because I drove there (from California).

    • Feel Good

      Good question - might have to be China because it was a very long time ago when the rules were very different - guess what though, all we found were millions of incredibly friendly, helpful people who didn't get why there weren't more people visiting their incredible country! 3 months on a tandem, mega fun and totally reaffirmed that people have more in common the world over than differences. Just a great bunch of people trying to get on with daily life, do some fun and feel good things when they can and help out the odd hapless wally on a tandem when they pitch up in their town.

    • LiLi Anne

      that's so cool Zachary! how long did it take you to get there? what was the most difficult part of making this journey? I'm thinking border crossings through each country no?!

      • Zachary Slobig

        We took it very slow—we were on the road for about 14 months. Yup, lots of border crossings. Honduras was by far the worst border experiences. Best was Nicaragua if I recall. Border between Peru and Chile is heavily mined, so definitely stay on the road in that zone.

    • Doris Yee

      Visa stickers are the best, especially when they take up a whole page. So for me - The Netherlands.

    • Caitlin

      What were some of your favorite sites? Where did you stop? That sounds absolutely incredible!

      • Zachary Slobig

        If I had to pick a few: the Oaxacan Coast, the Oaxacan mountains (ok, well, all of Oaxaca), Lake Apoyo Nicaragua, Northern Coastal Peru, Chiloe and Cochamo in Chile. Really just too many to list.

    • Bernard M Lynch Jr

      JESUS! How great was that?
      What kind of car?
      Was insurance a problem?
      Tires? Gas?

      • Zachary Slobig

        It certainly didn't suck, Bernard. We drove a '94 Toyota truck. Insurance: some countries require it, but most don't. It's never very expensive. Gas: lots. We drove something like 24K miles, so you do the math. In Ecuador it's only like 50 cents a gallon. In Chile, it's like 7 dollars. Tires: never even got a flat.

        Here's a radio story + photos about us getting the truck from Panama to Columbia:

        • LiLi Anne

          I'm inspired, thanks for sharing this story!

    • Jessica De Jesus

      My most memorable would be Brasil because it was my second attempt to visit, and I finally go through! And I say 'attempt' because the first time, I was actually deported. Thankfully, I can laugh about it now.

      • Zachary Slobig

        I really need to hear the story of how you were deported.