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Collect your used cooking oil to promote a new cycle of good


Dubai - United Arab Emirates

Used cooking oil is mostly disposed of through the kitchen sink, through the drain into the city pipes, in every city. We don't think it's that bad because a little every so often doesn't give us the magnitude of the quantities. We should collect and recycle because biodiesel is the best afterlife for used vegetable oil waste and because we think we have found a way of creating a crowd sourced solution to this problem, placing schools at the center of this process offering educational tool and then creating an incentive program for all participants. Help us run pilots in your city to make OIL4GOOD the largest crowd sourced initiative to support eco cities and entrepreneurship.

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  • Paris MarronParis Marron

    This project is awesome. I wonder if eco-friendly cities, like Santa Monica, San Francisco and Portland, would be interested in getting involved in the collection of oil for a project like this. @Oil4Good, have you tried reaching out to municipalities?

  • Alessandra RizzottiAlessandra Rizzotti

    I love this initiative. I actually ran my car on veggie oil for a few years and I collected oil from local restaurants. It can be taxing but with a community effort like this, it would be really easy!