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Concentrate more on design for life-saving and -changing occasions

brad darb

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April 14, 2013at 10:00 am

What if your art, creativity, innovative thinking could save a life? What if you spent 2 days thinking, observing and then problem-solving? Why not use your skills to create a concept for safety, rather than luxury?

As an artist, an animal lover and humanitarian, I've decided to study product designing. It has taken me a couple of years to finally decide to study this, as I could never really see what good it can do. It was only after serving in the Sea Rescue institute, that I realised that this is definately something good and rescue equipment something that would obviously benefit by constant upgrading..

Thus, a challenge: find something something you are passionate/ care about and see if you can make it better! And feel free to post ideas, links, etc so other people can also be inspired and discuss. You can see my personal contribution via the url link.

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