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    • Eva Tatum

      We all must start sharing of our abilities, our talents, and creativity. By believing in ourselves and believing in others! Inspiring one another to move forward and have the courage to be who we truly are. To be the change that we want to see! Thanks idealist for your work

  • Alessandra Rizzotti

    I love this project. It's funny because I puppeteer and while I'm embarrassed to mention that, I feel sometimes more comfortable with a puppet on my hand than in my own skin. I was once in an accident and ended up in a neckbrace for a year and I noticed how I was more open to talking to people in the neckbrace bec to me, it was funny and no matter what, I knew I'd remind people of how lucky they were to be alive. It does open you up to talk to other people when you're seen as someone who has a sense of humor. Good work. Beautiful video.

    • Eva Tatum

      Thank you for your kind comments, I know the feeling of feeling more uncomfortable in your own skin. When I speak in public it is much easier to talk in my chicken suit then just me standing there. The point is most everyone can relate to fear, we are a little chicken.