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    Andrew Gottlieb
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Conquer our fears for GOOD

Andrew Gottlieb

Pittsburgh, PA
May 24, 2013at 9:00 am

Ali and Jamie McMutrie founded Haitian Families First in 2010 in order to nurture and empower families in despair through emotional, social, and financial support, ensuring children remain with their biological families and out of unnecessary institutions.

They've dedicated the last ten years of their life to living and working in Haiti, helping the most desperate families through difficult times. They've seen fear on the face of a father losing his wife as she gives birth. They've seen fear on the face of a mother who isn't sure how she will cover the cost of sending either of her daughters to school. Yet, Haiti presses on.

The #AliJumps event might say she is conquering her fear of heights but what she is really conquering is keeping kids out of unnecessary orphanages. That's Ali's true fear!

Are you someone who believes children should have the opportunity to live with their parents? If so, jump in with Ali and Jamie!

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