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    Sanhith Chowdary Katelyn Collins
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Create Candy Corn on the Cob and Have a Bake Off

Katelyn Collins

Something different for your next Halloween event! It's a holiday party progression:

Phase One: Construct
Phase Two: Display
Phase Three: Deconstruct with friends!

Be sure not to waste the raw sugar cookie dough. This is what phase three is for. Once people have picked off the candy, deconstruct the rest of your edible creation with a candy corn cookie bake off. Give away Halloween candy as prizes for the spookiest looking cookie. Wrap them up and give them away to your trick-o-treaters!

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2 others are in

    Sanhith Chowdary Katelyn Collins

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  • Katelyn Collins

    This picture is not the one I chose! Sorry to lead you astray! lol Its sort of funny