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Crowdsource the best ways to cook a cup of crickets. Chirp chirp.

Robert Nathan Allen

Austin, TX, United States
February 5, 2014at 12:00 am

So far we've convinced over 3000 people in Austin, Texas to purposefully eat cookies made with crickets, for the nutritional and environmental benefits. Crickets can be ground into a flour that can be incorporated into many common foods we eat. We've cooked them in cookies, muffins, tacos, we're even working on pasta and tortillas. But we want to know what you think.
In order to put insects in front of more consumers as a viable inclusion to our daily diet, we want to know how it cooks. We want to be able to tell people how to cook with them easily and deliciously!
So here's where you come in, you benevolent bakers, you charitable chefs: If you're interested in cooking with new ingredients, we want you to make something tasty with crickets and give us your suggestions, feedback, critiques. If you want to send us recipes for the upcoming Future Food Salon, we'll showcase and post with credits. We just want to bring bugs to the people!

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