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Day 7: Stop Competing With Other & Compete Against Yourself


March 7, 2013

It's hard. I know. We have cliches for days to make us feel that tiny nugget of jealousy, frustration, or even indignation every time someone surpasses us. It's a dog eat dog world. If you're not first, your last. Is it any wonder we feel performance anxiety nowadays? But don't get me wrong, being competitive and having the desire to succeed are amazing traits to have, but I do think that we need to change where our motivation comes from. Instead of being so focused on having to be better than others, why not just try to be a better version of ourselves. Comparing yourself against individuals can certainly be a fantastic motivator but you should strive to measure your improvements against yourself. To be the best you can be. As cheesy as it sounds, once you stop trying to be the best by putting others below you and, instead, be the best you can by constantly elevating yourself against who you used to be, you can only come out on top.