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Digital Makeover: Make a List of Tech Etiquette Rules

Eric Steuer

What rude things have you recently seen people do in public with their phones, tablets, and other gadgets? Make a list of the worst offenders, then vow to never commit those digital crimes yourself. Bonus points if you share your rules online and tag it with #30DaysofGOOD. To jumpstart your list, check out this Mashable article that talks to tech etiquette experts for tips.

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  • Andrew ReynoldsAndrew Reynolds

    While it's not exactly bad etiquette, I find it hilarious when people take photos with their tablets. I've seen it on trips, at restaurants, even at concerts. There's nothing more annoying than trying to catch your favorite band when some fool three rows down blocks your view with a "camera" the size of a textbook and proceeds to take 20 minutes of video.

    • Nicholas HughesNicholas Hughes

      If the person is a giant and can fit their tablet in their pocket then they get a pass.

  • Doris YeeDoris Yee

    The laptop taking up a subway seat is definitely an offender (and Mashable included it on their list). In the happier light of this article and to-do, the squatters in coffee-shops I fall in love with are those who bring their own multi-socket extension cord to share with others. Such a great way to enhance community within a corner or area of a cafe.