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Do a GOOD London Feast

Priya Prakash

London, United Kingdom
October 18, 2013at 6:00 pm

One day each year, The Feast Worldwide rallies thousands of people from around the globe around one simple idea: host a dinner with friends or colleagues – but instead of talking about problems, talk about solutions. We’ll curate Challenges for you to tackle and help get the innovation party started with recipes and playlists.
Afterwards, we invite you to share what you came up with: insights, ideas, pledges, or pictures. The Feast Worldwide is about connecting with each other over a simple meal and weighing in on our global problem solving session.

Lets share local solutions

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  • Priya Prakash

    Hello all - we have secured a venue. It will be at Method offices in Tea Building, shoreditch.

  • Alessandra Rizzotti

    Awesome. Love this plan, Priya. Great way to bring people together. I am including this in, our guide to crowdsourcing creative progress!

    • Priya Prakash

      Thank you for getting the word out - shall look out for it!