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Do It

Do: Let's Follow the Space Shuttle to Its New Home in Exposition Park this Friday


Here's the plan: Check out the route and pick a spot to post up. Go there on Friday.

The shuttle lands around midday and will take until evening to reach the park, so plan accordingly.

Maybe we can form a mini-space parade by following it all the way to the park! Or maybe we won't be allowed – worth a try.

Extra points for dressing up like a planet or an alien!

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  • Angela MAngela M

    If you need good places to spot it, let me know, I live about 5 minutes away from where it's route goes :)

  • Tyler HoehneTyler Hoehne

    Another Do ruined by Barker.

  • KellenKellen

    Okay so not this friday but October 12 &/or 13! Stay motivated guys!!

    • Doris YeeDoris Yee

      I'm sad I cannot join this party wagon. I'll be flying out of town that weekend but perhaps I will catch a glimpse of it before my departure. I'll document the before shots if you take the during- and after-shots.

  • Chris ButterickChris Butterick

    I think it's gonna chill at LAX for a week or so before it starts the journey to the science center. But I def. want to check out the transit when it goes by on October 12-13.

    • KellenKellen

      ah crap! last time I listen to Mark Barker... Way to sabotage my Do, Barker.

  • KellenKellen

    I'll be in all black: dark matter (all of you will be drawn to me. just accept the force.)

  • Hannah WassermanHannah Wasserman

    I'm bringing a hula hoop and being Saturn!

  • Tyler HoehneTyler Hoehne

    I thinking I'll be Will Smith from Independence Day.

  • Keith BormuthKeith Bormuth

    I'm going to dress up as Lisa Novak, our own earthly love alien.

  • Mark BarkerMark Barker

    I'm dressing up like Tommy Lee Jones from Space Cowboys. Like Endeavour, that man is a national freaking treasure.

    • KellenKellen

      I threw you under the bus my friend. Dont take this personal attack personally though.