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  • pinkjimiphoton

    hey peeps,
    if you want to help out worldwide, check out my sister Jeanne Gabrielle Pocius Dorismond's stellar jeannie is a "musical missionary" who spends a lot of time teaching in haiti (she was in the cathedral that came down during the huge quake a couple years ago which is detailed in her book) and created a worldwide resource for people that want to donate instruments to children all over the world. the organization is young still, but has already donated thousands of instruments to kids all over the place and is growing day by day.
    i do not mean in any way to seem spammy by posting this information here, i'm hoping you will see it as a common interest and something worthy of hopefully passing on for other people to learn or hear about.
    i hope you and your people check the link, check her cred (she's the real deal, one of the eminent trumpet players in the world in the classical style and has gigged with everyone it seems... including aretha franklin at clinton's inauguration) and help spread the word.
    thanks for reading my 'umble post
    peace to you and yours
    pink jimi photon

  • Justine Highsmith

    I remember how badly I wanted to play the cello as a child, but my parents couldn't afford the instrument. This is a great cause. I can't think of a better gift, than the gift of music.

    • Alessandra Rizzotti

      (and an old trombone!!)...and a ukulele (but I'm trying hard to keep that one around even though I can't play)