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Donate to Buy paint for Imagining Learning Listening Sessions.

David Loitz

Imagining Learning
June 6, 2013

Imagining Learning is artistically asking young people how they would change education using a creative Listening session process. During the final section of the session, participants express themselves artistically by co-creating and sharing 4 1/2 foot by 6 foot paintings, which are visual representations of their ideal learning experience. This process is important as they unlock a vision about what education can be while providing a way for them to activate the power of their voices in a way that they feel seen and heard. We need your help to buy the supplies (paint, paper, brushes) for the 50 listening sessions we have planned. Your donation goes directly to support the listening sessions. Only 1 week to go! Every $25 donated will pay for paint of one listening session!
See our GOOD article here (How Can We Fix Education? Listen to Young People)

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