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donate tomorrow's lunch money towards empowering kids with the power of photography!

Jayme Markus

May 1, 2013at 6:00 pm

100cameras empowers kids in marginalized communities to create tangible change by capturing their lives through photography. By selling their photos, 100% of sales gives kids the opportunity to participate in a unique photojournalism program that funds lifeline supplies, educational resources, and healthcare in their community.

100cameras is scaling their model to the next level - hoping to implement two projects per year and build operations so they can sell more of the children’s images, and release their photojournalism curriculum on a platform that enables others to implement their own 100cameras project around the world. In order to implement these next big steps, 100cameras is running a crowd-fundraising campaign called The Power of Perspective to raise $50,000 by May 5th! They have $27,000 more to go! Let's help them!

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  • Jayme Markus

    Please do not wait to get involved until May 1st. Start today even!