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March 15, 2013

here. is a lifestyle brand featuring high quality, conscious craftsmanship, based on the idea that we create as a basic instinct.

If we are born believing
the way Emerson said that we are,
in the effortless way that trees bear apples,
I think we spend every day that follows realizing, seeing, unraveling, lying, trying, holding, loving, needing to understand our world and every distant world we read about.

Like all of us, here. falls somewhere between belief and need.
And if all it took was a strong breeze to lift this project I wouldn't need to post about it on email, twitter, and Facebook as often as I shower- if that was all it took here. wouldn't be half of what it is.

I have EIGHT days to make this happen.
(Also- NEW incentives have been added: personalized mugs and organic cotton 'here.' t-shirts).

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