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Empower Social Innovators to Create Value + Impact

Neetal Parekh

August 1, 2013at 11:59 pm

Just over two years ago I left my job in social media strategy at a legal marketing website to explore the intersection between cause, law, and entrepreneurship. It has the vivid, insightful journey since then that has lead me to starting a blog on the subject, engaging in a fellowship program, and now, co-authoring a book on social innovation.

Co-author and business strategist Shivani Khanna and I are excited to create an inviting, graphic-rich book on social innovation for leaders, entrepreneurs and changemakers interested in creating both economic and social value. With a focus on visual relay of information and profiles of existing leaders in the space, the book is meant to be actionable and user-focused.

We invite you to join us on this latest adventure! Make it happen by supporting the campaign, then stay on to be part of the movement to map the mindset of social innovation and how it is being employed.

Empower social innovation by empowering its catalysts.

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