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Enjoy Any Natural Space Near Your City

Joe Phillips

Anywhere. Everywhere.

Most cities, like my adopted home of Chicago, invest in some kind of tax-funded forest preserves, wetlands, or other natural public spaces. This means that you, an average tax-paying citizen, own a chunk of nature within reasonable distance of where you are right now. Run, don't walk, to that nearest space and keep on running without fear of traffic. Take ownership of what's rightfully yours, protect it from commercial interests, allow your kids to get a little dirt under their toes, and allow your inner kid to get a little dirty too.



  • Terri Hammer

    Does Echo Park Lake count? I walk it every morning.

    • Alessandra Rizzotti

      Of course it does. What's nice about that lake is it also connects you to the community. You see who's in your neighborhood!

  • Todd Tyrtle

    I've done lots of bike touring but always either in hotels or couchsurfing. My goal for next summer is to figure out fully self-contained touring, bringing camping gear along the way. Therefore, I have a "to do" item that is to load my gear on my bike some weekend, ride the 30 KM or so to what friends have said is one of Toronto's hidden gems - the Glen Rouge campground - a campground in the city limits of our city in a lovely park. I *could* take transit there but I feel like riding there would give me practice for a bigger project next summer.