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Find out which local agency has the worst meeting turnout, prepare, go to that meeting, have an after party!

Scott Boggs

Your city, town, or administrative agency's regional jurisdiction.

My region's water control agency manages flood abatement, inland navigation, drainage, above and below ground drinking water sources, etc. for so many square miles of Central Florida that I couldn't even drive their home turf in a day. BUT THE AVERAGE GUY AND GAL NEVER SHOWS UP AT THEIR MEETINGS! The headquarters is way up in a small rural river town that has only two lane highways going in and out. Plus, the St. Johns River Water Management District board members are elected officials, but they don't campaign, don't spend anything to get elected because few voters bother to pull the voting lever next to any name for a semi-secret agency that is under the radar. I really want to lead a small cadre of party goers into the fray of such an agency: look into an upcoming issue of general concern, pick a side to endorse, go sign up to speak at their barely-advertised meeting, surprise the board members with our articulation and understanding, then have an awesome after-party.