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find the International three letter code for the language(s) you speak

Laura Welcher

Each of the world’s languages - living, extinct or constructed - has a unique code. There are more than 7,000 three-letter ISO-codes for all known living, extinct and constructed languages. Find out the ISO-code for your language in the new edition of the Ethnologue. Learn more about it at

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  • Polett de la Garza

    spa is my first language, and my parents are from Mexico. Although, now my eng is much better than my spa. I'm working on it :). Also interested in learning ara and deu!

  • Laura Welcher

    Here are the ISO 639-3 codes for some of the languages I know (some I know well, others I know somewhat or a little bit (although as a linguist I'm interested in all languages!): eng (English), deu (German), fra (French), jpn (Japanese), pot (Potawatomi), cre (Cree), otw (Ottawa), ojc (Ojibwe - Central).

  • Karin W

    deu, eng and pol!
    I also learned some rus, lat, fra, hun and kaz. :)