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  • April Yvonne

    On my fourth foster dog right now! So many people say "I could never foster because I'd get too attached!" but would you rather give up a dog you helped train to a new loving home, or know that it died alone in a shelter because no one stepped up to foster him? Fostering is so important and ALWAYS needed.

  • Rita Bouchard

    Over the past three years, my family have rescued 4 dogs found at our gate. Although 3 of them had chips, the owners did not want them back. One, "Rocky" was taken by a friend with a kind soul and we decided to keep the other three. They are unconditionally acceptable and help settle us when we are stressed. They have also learned how to accept our free range hens in their space without bothering them. They are truly amazing.

    • GOOD HQ

      Thanks for sharing. It's interesting you took time to get to know them before taking them to a shelter, and it's wonderful they became your pets.