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Enable funding for people with cooking skills to share their ethnic flavor and culture

Gerry Yumul

September 24, 2013at 10:50 am

Crowdfunding a dish: a great way to share your heritage through sharing your dish, helping unemployed people with cooking skills earn money, let people know other culture through the universal language of flavor, promote racial tolerance by letting people taste your ethnic dish and discovering common likes, or change people’s fast food eating habits by providing an alternative of where to buy healthier meals prepared by someone in the neighborhood. I can go on and on about this…

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  • Hillary Newman

    What a cool idea! A tool like this has the potential to bring a community together. What cities are you currently in?

    • Gerry Yumul

      Thanks Hillary, we still don't have specific cities to serve yet. I just launched this project last week and currently in beta. It's fully functional and can work anywhere in the US, Canada, UK, and Ireland. I'm still in the process of spreading the word and have recieved a few inquiries on how to post a dish. We might see a few posting from New Jersey and Edmonton in the next couple of weeks.

      • Hillary Newman

        So awesome! Really excited to watch how members interact with this product.

    • Gerry Yumul

      I'm glad someone notice my first post in

      I just read that post about goodeggs and I love it. Thaks for the pointers, BTW.