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Fund the Future! The Hello World Program on Kickstarter

Jared Nielsen

December 15, 2013at 11:59 pm

We just launched a Kickstarter for The Hello World Program, an educational and entertaining puppet show that teaches computer science, programming, and digital media to kids of all ages. Our project goal is to create an entire year's worth of content: 48 episodes and 4 e-books covering Python, Linux, web design and a range of technology topics.

The Hello World Program is the creative effort of brothers JR and Jared Nielsen. We hope to inspire and enable the next generation of digital media producers. The Hello World Program is the show we wish we watched as kids. We don’t want a boring future. We think the best way to avoid that is by encouraging and educating the young and old to actively produce their own media. We do this by using free, open-source software and teaching the techniques we use in the production of our show.

Check us out. You might learn something. You might laugh. You might do both simultaneously.

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