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Get an Easy Check Up: Download a Health App

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It’s easier than you think to take charge of your health. These days, if you have a smartphone you can find thousands of apps that help you easily keep track of meals and workouts, whether your focus is diabetic-friendly routines, yoga, 5k training, or even tracking medical records. Not sure where to start? Try out My Fitness Pal, Zombies, Run!, MotherKnows, and Gym Pact for a good intro to the basics. If you don’t want to manually enter your stats, companies like Fitbit, Nike and Jawbone have wearable devices that sync to your phone and device-specific apps.

What’s your go-to health app?

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  • Emily Howard

    I like MapMyWalk to track my route and how far I walk. It's basic and easy to use.

  • Corinna Loo

    This is great! I also really love those meditation apps like "Simply Being". That way you can really make a positive impact on your health instead of just tracking it.