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Get books into the hands of kids who need them

Jessie Voigts

June 12, 2013

Author Debbie Glade has launched the Lilly Badilly Literacy Project, an IndieGoGo crowdsourcing campaign that aims to give 3,000 copies of her children's book to students from low-income families, who can't afford to buy books. She notes, "I often hear from teachers, librarians and parents that a reluctant reader really enjoyed my book, especially because that reader could listen to the entertaining and sometimes hilarious CD. I recently got an email from the dad of a 4-year old girl. He told me his daughter checked my book out of the public library 5 times because she loves the CD! This is big news, because a person's reading comprehension level is the greatest indicator of his or her financial success as an adult. I can embrace this age of e-readers and apps. But there's nothing that can replace a child's experience of holding a book in his or her hands and turning the pages. Many of the kids I visit do not even have computers at home, never mind handheld readers.

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