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  • Paris MarronParis Marron

    Awesome! I am doing this right now. I had binders full of school papers, articles, tax receipts, etc. that I am scanning and shredding to keep just digitally and help minimize the clutter.

    I also do Clothing Swaps twice a year with friends.

    And we are now organizing a monthly "Group Recycle" program at work, where we let people bring in something specific from home to recycle each month and one person takes them to recycling location. So we have plans to do one for eWaste, one for metal hangers (like you get from dry cleaners), one for old running shoes, one for old cell phones, a clothing swap, a Halloween costume swap, and a book donation/swap! I'm so excited!

    • Paris MarronParis Marron

      Also, freecycle and Craigslist's 'free' section are great ways to give away items you no longer want or need.

  • Serena Star LeonardSerena Star Leonard

    We did this 16 months ago when we started travelling! We sold/gave away EVERYTHING! I still enjoy shopping and upgrading my wardrobe every few months - but with such limited space if something goes in, something much come out - a very liberating lifestyle :)