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Get snug as a bug in a most beautiful, earth and people friendly, rug...

Luisa Lombera

Not only are these rugs by Bi Yuu ( beautiful, but they are made using only natural dyes and recognising and rewarding the skilled artisan hands that weave their traditional designs.

The sources for the dyes are wide and varied, including pomegranates and indigo plants. Some of the most intriguing dyes, however, come from bugs. Bugs in the beautiful rugs.

Cochineal (Grana Cochinilla) is a small insect that grows on cactus and when dried and ground generously generates a beautiful crimson dye. The dye has been used in traditional textiles in Mexico, Central and South America for centuries (read more about cochineal here:

The use of cochineal and other natural dyes continues in Bi Yuu´s carpets and fabrics (see more on other dyes they use here So check these rugs out for all-natural bug rug snuggling!

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