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Give Meaningful Gifts—for Good Experiences or Good Causes

Stef McDonald


Sometimes you can think of the perfect gift—the book she said she wanted to read or the watch to replace the one he just lost. But sometimes no one THING seems right. In these cases, don't buy something for the sake of giving something. Instead, give an experience gift—a gift certificate for a restaurant, concert tickets, or a membership to a cultural institution—or give a gift to a worthy nonprofit or fundraising effort in the person's name. Bonus: You won't have to wrap it.


Do It

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    Sanhith Chowdary Sovanna Pouv Tricia Heinrich Jennifer Gosnell Kristen Bridge Michella Copeland

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  • millikumilliku

    totally agree. I run a gift consultancy in Australia that focuses on ethical and sustainable giving - real or virtual gifts that bring back the thought behind the gift There are great products out there with fantastic stories; you just have to look.

  • Kirsten ReadKirsten Read

    lydali actually carries scarves from fashionABLE :) just bought one myself a week ago and I'm waiting impatiently for it to get here

  • susimesusime

    Besides I also like the fashionABLE scarves at
    Do you know more businesses like these who combine beautiful with good?

  • Annalee SheltonAnnalee Shelton

    I gave ducks for mother's day through World Vision, haven't decided what to do yet for father's day. Heifer sounds like a great option.

  • Kirsten ReadKirsten Read

    and as far as fathers day coming up, where jewelry may be less intriguing, they also have some things for the home... but Lydali does sell products mainly for females.

  • Kirsten ReadKirsten Read

    check out, an ecommerce company that collects products from artisan producers in developing countries around the world :) they have great, fashionable products that you can feel good about; I've personally fallen in love with some of their jewelry. And the profit goes back to the producers to help them grow their businesses.

  • Valerie CValerie C

    Many “things” lose that initial shiny new toy appeal after some time. Experiences last longer because they usually (hopefully!) turn into cherished memories.

    But, I will always love homemade gifts the most. :)

    • Stef McDonaldStef McDonald

      Yes, another homemade gift that is always appreciated is something to eat: something cooked or baked especially for the recipient.