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Go on a climbing adventure.

Chelsea Hobgood

Hueco Tanks, El Paso, TX, United States
March 25, 2014

This March, I am facilitating a climbing and wellness adventure retreat in Hueco Tanks, Texas and I wanted to personally extend an invitation to members of the GOOD community.

Hueco is widely considered to be the Mecca of American bouldering. Home to some of the most remarkable land masses, Native American rock art, rare wildlife and abounding structures, Hueco's natural environment is unique to the world.

We will spend our days hiking and climbing in the sunshine. We will learn proper techniques for warming up, cooling down, and mastering real rock. We will enjoy farm-fresh breakfasts, mountainside picnics and hearty dinners prepared by a private chef. We will spend our nights in a Spanish-style villa, with warm beds and hot showers. We will receive targeted bodywork from a sports masseuse. We will roast marshmallows, sip brandy and partake in wellness workshops under the stars. We will pose for professional portrait photography. We will reconnect with nature and we will play.

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  • Chelsea Hobgood

    Thanks so much! It is my goal with this series to foster more creative collaboration between disparate communities through well-curated outdoor adventures.

    There are so many aspects of rock climbing, for example, that deepen leadership skills. But this is only the beginning...

    I am already planning events for the fall/winter of 2014. I'll stay connected!

  • Ben Goldhirsh

    also just looked at your business and think it's an awesome concept/effort.

  • Ben Goldhirsh

    this does sound amazing. I've been stuck gym climbing lately which is just a combo of business and laziness. Still fun, but missing the outdoors.

  • Brooke Feldman

    This sounds amazing! I really wish I could go on this. I haven't climbed since August :(