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    Katrina Leah B. Zachary Slobig
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Take a Free Tour of Your Local Recycling Facility


Local recycling center

Your local recycling center will often provide free guided tours as part of their community education and outreach initiatives and a brief tour is the easiest way to get a picture of how your community handles recycling and composting. This information will help you quickly improve how or what you recycle and compost. You will also learn surprising facts about how your community handles garbage, the local landfill, and recycling's and composting's effects on the landfill. Visit the recycling center's web page or call and schedule a tour to take with your family and friends. Together you can become better creators, consumers, voters, composters and recyclers. If you end up moving to a different community, take the tour again because every community is different. Finally, share and pass your knowledge along and help make every community more livable.