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Go to Your Local Park

Liz Dwyer

There’s a lack of park space in most communities, particularly in lower income neighborhoods, so getting to one can sometimes be a hassle. But your local park is a spot that lets you reconnect with nature—c’mon, you know you want to feel the breeze in your hair as you swing—and it’s the perfect place to meet people in your hood.

On Sundays at my tiny local park some guys set up a tightrope between two trees and practice walking—all to the amazement of the neighborhood’s kids who inevitably ask, “Can you teach me how to do that?” Those guys are always down to share their craft, as are the hula hoopers who set up under a shady Jacaranda tree and teach anyone who wants to learn.

There are the runners and walkers, pickup basketball and Capture the Flag games, the folks who let their massive Great Dane play with my pint-sized Chiweenie, and don’t forget the push cart ice cream vendor.

Too much activity? Bring a blanket, a book, and a snack. Go on, relax, and enjoy the public space.



  • David  LoitzDavid Loitz

    This summer we used our park to play games of Ragball, to attend a wedding, to bbq, to gather for a picnic and to just stroll. Portland Oregon is a beautiful place to live and the parks are a major reason for this! Support the Parks! A shout out to Woodlawn Park in NE Portland!