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have playful community gatherings in warm weather around a clay-mud pit

David mitsak

Playing with clay-mud together in large groups during the warm weather is fun and meaningful. It strengthens community bonds, awakens our latent "mud-pie" masonry instincts while stimulating the millions of pleasure receptors within our skin. 2 parts sand and one part clay (thoroughly mixed by hand and foot) is the ancient basic recipe used to build many of the worlds longest continuously inhabited homes and settlements including: the 500-700 year old "cob" homes of Devon England, the 800 year old Fujian Tulou of China, the 1,000 year old adobe pueblos of Taos New Mexico, USA, the 1,000+ year old ancient skyscraper settlement of Shibam in Yemen, and the 2,000 year old village city of Djenne in Mali Africa. Clay-rich subsoil is extremely abundant - mostly found everywhere directly under the topsoil. Mud is our birthright. When mixed with live drums and acoustic music, audiences, and food we are reunited with our true purpose: to build each other healthy, durable shelter in a fun way.