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Help Keep Youth out of Gangs and Drug Cartels in Mexico

Rory Smith

Monterrey, Mexico

We are a youth development organization called Escalando Fronteras (Climbing Borders) that is currently working on a project in Monterrey, Mexico that uses rock-climbing to empower and build the skills of at-risk youth in order to get them away from gangs and organized crime/drug cartels.

We believe that where someone is born and consequently the borders (class, race, sex, nationality, etc...) that separate, surround, and often define individuals are random and arbitrary and should not decide the opportunities and fate of anyone in this life.

We see at-risk youth populations not as a threat or an incurable and lost group of youngsters, but as a boundless and potent source of ideas, creativity, multiculturalism, and promise. Born into extremely unfavorable conditions, these youth have been denied any real chance to realize their full potential. In this highly globalized world they are the future of the world.

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