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Help Me Get My Dream Job With a Short Video Testimonial!

Vincent Nguyen

August 16, 2013

Hey, GOOD!

Vincent from Self Stairway here!

Recently, I saw a door open that is making me metaphorically salivate. If I were a Looney Tunes character, my eyes would be getting larger and an outline of my heart would be pumping out of my chest.

As you can imagine, I’m 100% motivated right now.

It’s an apprenticeship which would mean 6 months in the Phillipines. Not only that, but I may work full-time from wherever I want if I blow it out of the water.

They’re looking for a connector. I want to show them I am one, not just tell them.

What better way to stand out than to literally connect with the top influencers of the world, have them VOUCH for me by name, and weave that into my video introduction?

But I also want to include you guys in it. If you want to help, here's what you can do:

Record a short video, say your name and then "Vincent is a connector!"

Send it to or @selfstairway

It's going to be good! Thanks everyone :)


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    Vincent Nguyen

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