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Help Raise Funds for Glen James, a Homeless Man who Selflessly Found and Turned in Over $40,000

Rodrigo Mejia

Glen James has been homeless in Boston since 2005. With a condition that sporadically causes vertigo, it's hard for James to hold down a steady job. Panhandling to make ends and not wanting to burden family, James had more reason than most to pocket at least some of the $42,400 in cash and traveler's checks he found stuffed in a backpack.

But he didn't. He handed it over to police.

Boston Police Commissioner Edward Davis said it was a "extraordinary show of character and honesty." After hearing the story, Alabama native Ethan Whittington decided to do something for James and started a crowd-funding campaign. Thinking he'd raise a few hundred dollars to send to James, over 2,800 people have so far responded by raising $70,000 in just over a day.

"Thank you all so much for helping make a huge impact on a person's life! It is absolutely amazing what can be done when people come together like this and work to accomplish a great thing," wrote Whittington. The goal is $250k.

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