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help raise money to rebuild schools damaged in explosing in West, Texas

Youve Got Funds


Youve Got Funds is fundraising to help rebuild the schools that were destroyed in West, Texas.
A massive explosion at the West Fertilizer Company on April 17, 2013 left much of the small town of West, Texas, in ruins. The blast killed 15, wounded more than 200 and destroyed dozens of homes in this town of 2,800. On Monday, 4/22, most of the students were headed to new classrooms because the old ones were severely damage. Intermediate students were sent to the local elementary school, which set up trailers for classrooms in back. Middle- and high-school students were bused from a car dealership parking lot to nearby Waco, where officials had quickly made space for them.
All donations collected via this campaign are to be used for the rebuilding of the damaged schools or for new schools in West, Texas.
You've Got Funds wants to help provide a safe learning environment so that the children of West, Texas can get back to normal and focus on learning. Please help us spread the word.

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