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Help Selftees Make a Difference

Anthony Gracey

October 25, 2013at 12:00 am

Selftees is currently on the final day of their Indiegogo campaign, and really needs your help to make one last big push!

Selftees is a socially conscious apparel company that raises awareness and money for causes that matter to you.

What is a Selftee?

"It's the socially conscious t-shirt that blends positive causes with positive virtues. We wanted to make a tee that represented what YOU stand for... and stand UP for. That’s why every Selftee donates 20% of all sales to a specific cause, which was carefully matched with each design."

Selftees carefully chose charities to support, among the benefitting charities are:
The National Breast Cancer Foundation,
Crohn's and Colitis Foundation of America
charity: water
and many more!

There's sure to be a cause that you want to support and a t-shirt you love!

Check out Selftees' campaign at!

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  • Anthony Gracey

    Super fun concept, help Selftees gain the exposure it deserves so it can make a difference!