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    Kristen  Rae
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Help South Side Chicagoans Get on the Information Grid


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June 29, 2013at 8:00 pm

Important information that circulates all over the city to other neighborhoods never quite makes it past 18th street. Farther south side neighborhoods such as ours never receive the kind of valuable information that can make our lives better. We're still in the dark ages tech-wise, while the rest of the city runs rings around us socially, politically and financially.

Recently, one of our residents was invited to DEV BOOTCAMP which is a 9 week boot camp for beginning software developers. The goal: take a beginning tech enthusiast and turn them into a world class beginner. They start building software/apps immediately.

We would like her to attend BootCamp to learn how to build a super cool app that helps south-siders receive valuable information. There's just one problem. Boot camp is $12,200 and due much sooner than we all expected. She is offering logos, websites and other professional services in exchange for certain donations. We appreciate any donation and social "shares".

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