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Help Wholesome Wave Improve Fresh Food Access and Affordability

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Wholesome Wave, a Connecticut-based nonprofit, works to increase access to healthy, fresh and local produce to underserved communities. Through initiatives like its Double Value Coupon program, which doubles the value of federal nutrition benefits at farmers’ markets, Wholesome Wave is enabling more low-income families to put healthy food on their tables. And you can help.

Through the Drink Good, Do Good initiative, you can pledge social support to increase awareness of food deserts. You can also get involved with Wholesome Wave directly, or one of its 60 partners across the country who are also working to make fresh food affordable to all. By donating, volunteering your time, or reaching out to your local political leaders, you can help improve access to fruits and vegetables in the communities who need it most.

Image via Flickr (cc) user North Charleston

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