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How Well Do You Know The World? Play the Global Food Game.

Mary Slosson

Do you know your oats from your oils? Think you can make your culinary knowledge bear fruit? Then pit your wits against this food game. With the timer eating away vital seconds, you'll need to guess where different world foods come from, rank countries by rates of undernourishment, and negotiate a challenging picture round. If you've got an appetite for the challenge, just click below to get started…

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  • ashen

    The game contains factual errors. I answered correctly that the top maize producers are the US, China and Brazil, but the answers given at the end show Morocco, Argentina, and Spain (what?!)

  • Jools_

    Really good questions, it's hard to get those stars ! (which is not reassuring... time to get back to reading!)

  • Graham Gardner

    It's a good idea but it seems like it could be designed better. I spent most of the time scanning the screen trying to read things instead of thinking about the actual answers. And then the actual data was just a little print out at the end...