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India, Nepal, Tibet
May 22, 2013at 1:57 pm

n 2001, Lama Tenzin, a young Tibetan monk, began his journey to rescue children from poor living conditions in the isolated villages in the Himalayan border region of Upper Dolpo, Nepal. He built a home for them in India where he, his mother and his sisters raised and educated them, and provided them with spiritual guidance with the hope that these children would return to their homes one day and do the same for their communities. The journey to rescue these children is very dangerous. The Dolpo is the highest inhabited region on the planet, and the only way to get there is on foot and on horseback. Lama Tenzin is devoted to these girls, who are thrown away and forgotten. One child at a time he is helping to enlighten these remote communities to the value of each child, their right to an education and a full and independent life.

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